Take Care Of Your Overall Health

We help you co-relate multiple health issues you are facing and improve your overall health.

Detailed Health Assessment

  • Detailed assessment of all your current health problems and complete medical history
  • Detailed session for lifestyle and emotional health assessment

Personalised Structured Programm

  • Personalised Nutrition plan based on your health conditions (e.g. diabetes with fatty liver, obesity and uric acid, post-menopausal weight gain, diabetes with kidney problems or neuropathy)
  • Personalised home exercise plan based on your body type, weight, body pains and current symptoms

Regular review by Zyla care team

  • Access to Zyla care team consisting of a Doctor, Nutritionist, Physiotherapist
  • Calls with Zyla care team on need basis to keep you on track and discuss about the progress and current status of your health

Unlimited queries on app

  • Access to a personal care manager via chat to track your overall progress
  • Real team answer to your queries

Continuous health tracking

  • Daily and weekly reporting on predefined parameters such as weight, meal timings, fiber intake, and exercise duration
  • Real time personalised guidance based on your reporting

What should I do next?

Request a callback and learn how our personalised health program can help you improve your health significantly.

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