Zyla is revolutionising the way care delivery works.

With a vision to be the de-facto healthcare expert in every household, Zyla is India’s highest rated care management platform in India that focuses on improving health outcomes.

The inspiration for Zyla Health, however, comes from a rather painful period in the founder, CEO- Khushboo Aggarwal’s personal life, when her own father suffered a cardiac event and she realised the gaps that existed in the way healthcare was delivered in India. She left her job to solve for the greater good. The journey started from a one room office in Delhi, back in 2017. As we touched more and more lives we understood that continuous, round-the-clock care was missing in every home in India. The existing care delivery focused on transactional care delivered in parts by doctor consultations, pharmacies, and lab test partners but no one took the responsibility to ensure that the patient's health outcomes would actually improve through this care. We decided to make this our north star.

We then started on a mission to focus on value-based care and gradually expanded into an all-encompassing care management platform with different categories for heart health, BP and cholesterol management, chronic kidney diseases, liver diseases, women’s health issues such as PCOS, thyroid, osteoporosis, vitamin/mineral deficiency and pregnancy, COVID-care, and post-COVID recovery. We now offer a full spectrum of personalised health and wellness solutions that span over preventive as well as chronic health, all provided under one-roof. We work with the leading insurance companies to ensure reduction in hospitalisations and cost savings for them, have forged corporate tie-ups to safeguard their employees’ overall health and well-being and partner with leading pharmaceutical and e-pharma companies to enable care for patients at scale. We can proudly say that we had many like-minded partners and team members who joined the mission to make Zyla what it is today.

Zyla's investors | Kae Capital, Secocha

We took the road less travelled by - we personalise care for each user instead of creating bundled packages, we focus on utilisation, instead of a sales-first approach, we have an in-house team of doctors, paramedics and care managers that vouches for the quality of care that is delivered 24x7, be it 3AM or 3PM, instead of outsourcing care.

Patient experience is central to Zyla’s operations, with an unwavering focus on understanding the treatment history, past experiences and future expectations. Zyla takes a conversational approach so that patients can feel at ease, and puts great emphasis on empathy while engaging with them. Right from the onboarding, we provide continuous support to the patients throughout their journey, walking along with them at every step on a day-to-day basis. Zyla’s platform is built on a robust, best-in-class technology framework that can serve millions of users and address 100,000+ simultaneous patient queries.

The advanced AI engine embedded into the application is designed to understand causality across multiple data points of patient history and recommend the most personalised intervention to the care team. The chatbot is powered by advanced NPL that can decrypt and comprehend open-ended chat messages from users in English and Hindi, and engage in a cognitive conversation. This, coupled with Zyla’s unique empathetic approach enables the highest-quality, real-time, on-demand care to patients, facilitates the depth and quality of diagnosis and treatment for the doctors, and provides insightful analytics for its partners - insurance, corporates and pharma companies.

The health outcomes we deliver not only spread smiles among our users and partners, but also strengthen our grit to work harder everyday towards revolutionising the healthcare ecosystem to build a healthier tomorrow.

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