Zyla Health- Taking Care of your Heart Health with Zyla App

Keep Your Heart Healthy

We work with you to fix your heart risk factors such as cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure.

Detailed Health Assessment

  • Detailed assessment of your current cholesterol, BP, triglyceride levels, latest prescriptions, and complete medical history
  • Detailed session for assessing lifestyle and emotional health, including analysis of heart-related symptoms (e.g. breathlessness, palpitations)

Personalised Structured Program

  • Personalized Nutrition plan focused on optimizing salt and fat intake, and heart health-friendly food based on carb-protein-fat-fiber ratios
  • Personalized home exercise plan based on your body type, weight, body pains and current symptoms

Regular review by Zyla care team

  • Access to Zyla care team consisting of a Doctor, Nutritionist, Physiotherapist
  • Calls with Zyla care team on need basis to keep you on track and discuss about the progress and current status of your health

Unlimited queries on app

  • Access to a personal care manager via chat to track your overall progress
  • Real team answer to your queries

Continuous health tracking

  • Daily and weekly reporting on predefined parameters such as BP, meal timings, exercise duration, and weight
  • Real time personalised guidance based on your reporting

What should I do next?

Request a callback and learn how our personalized health program can help you improve your health significantly.