Diabetes Management Program

The most effective digital program run by leading doctors to help you manage diabetes24x7 monitoring and advice under leading diabetesmedical team
  • Foot pain or numbness
  • Weakness
  • Sugar fluctuations
  • Weight gain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Acidity or constipation

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Your personal care team

Dr Rebecca Shweta Gladwin

MD (Medicine), PG in Diabetology, PG Diploma in Endocrinology

Dr Arpit Gupta

MD (Internal Medicine), Fellowship in Cardiology

Dr Kamini Mishra

MPT (Orthopaedics), Invasive Pelvic Floor Practitioner, Women health Physical Therapist

Dr Priyanka Paul

BAMS, Specialization in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics

Trishla Rautela

BSc. Home Science, MSc. Dietetics & Food Service Management, MSc. Nutrition

Ritu Sheokand

BSc. Home Science Hons., MSc. in Dietetics & Food Service Management

What will I achieve?

Improvement of organ health like heart, kidney, liver
Reduction in medicine load
Management of weight
Better energy, reduction in body pains

Frequently asked questions

We strongly believe that treating Diabetes requires a top-notch team, a lot of analysis of your health, and hand-holding. Every interaction you have with the Zyla care team, all health plans that are designed for you are duly documented are shared with you on the Zyla app. Your Zyla Care Manager will be with you all the time, quickly accessible via chat, so that we stay with you at every step of recovery, in fact, you will be surprised by the level of personal care you get.

The Zyla program is 100% personalised, based on your latest diagnostic test report, all your health conditions in addition to diabetes (such as fatty liver, neuropathy, obesity), your chief complaints (such as numbness of foot, body pains, acidity, constipation), your current day-to-day routine, your professional job type, your frequency of travel, your personal preferences related to food and exercise. The program includes your own Zyla Care Manager on the Zyla app for daily hand-holding and answer to any query in real-time anytime, anywhere.

The primary goal of the Zyla Program is to reduce your HbA1c and reduce your dependence on medicines. You can stay on it for the maintenance of your Diabetes for as long as you would like.

We understand, and that is exactly the reason, the Zyla Program is designed to completely suit your busy life. All your calls are pre-scheduled to suit your work timings and synced with our team’s calendar so that there are no surprise calls. While your first assessment call may take upto 45 minutes, all the follow-up calls usually wrap up in 10-15 minutes. At special occasions, if you are unable to take the calls, you can simply inform the Zyla Care Manager on the app and we will make all efforts to reschedule the call based on the Care Team’s availability.

Diabetes leads to damage to other organs with time and diabetes patients become prone to frequent hospitalizations if they do not keep their blood sugar levels under check as their diabetes becomes older. We aim to reduce diabetes complications, and reduce your dependence on medicines. This means your risk of getting hospitalized reduces multi-fold, saving lakhs of Rupees which you might have ended up spending in hospitalization otherwise.

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