Lifestyle Modification

Did you know?

Diabetes, cholesterol, B.P, kidney and liver diseases are due to poor lifestyle.

What is poor lifestyle?

When we say the word lifestyle, it means everything that you do from waking up to waking up again. There are three key pillars of lifestyle:

  • What you eat

  • How active you are

  • How is your emotional state (it includes your quality of sleep and level of stress)

Poor lifestyle is not defined on the basis of one particular day, but how you are doing majority of the times. So if you skipped exercise today, or may be had something that you usually should not eat, does not mean that your lifestyle is poor. It is poor if you do not exercise at all or always eat unhealthy. If your lifestyle is not upto the mark, along with your physical state your emotional/psychological state also goes for a toss.

Why to modify lifestyle?

A balanced lifestyle will help you do well at work, manage family life better and lead a stress-free life. Don’t try and attain perfection as that is never sustainable, it does not last in the long term. It’s important to carefully analyze your current lifestyle and make small changes that will lead to the big difference not only in your physical health but also your emotional health.

How to start

  1. Eat healthy: Eating healthy does not only mean fresh fruits and salads. It means the intake of balanced diet (carbs, protein, fats and fiber) as per your age, body type and health conditions.

  2. Exercise and work out: Have an exercise routine that is best suited for your body and age. This will help you to maintain a healthy state of mind and body.

  3. Have a Routine: Your routine should have 4 things on time as it suits you, i.e meals, sleep, exercise and official work. if your body clock is set as per these 4 elements of life your majority of the issues will be resolved and set. This will tame your mind to be disciplined and happy and peaceful. This way you can find a lot of time for other things in you life that you love doing. You do not have to be so stuck with this schedule that you get bored of the monotony, it’s okay to take a break sometimes. The idea is to ensure that maximum times your routine is set.

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