Home exercises/ Weight loss Exercises

After a long day at work, home is the place where you feel like heaven. Too much of stress and mental fatigue would push you to rush home and stop you from leaving home once you are back. Now the biggest challenge is how to maintain your health if you do not want to step out again, beat the traffic and hit the gym. We all know how important exercise is for physical and emotional well being. But knowing and implementing are two very different things. Then staying fit and staying at home (in your comfort zone) are also important. Here we have planned a schedule where you can be at home and can carry on with your fitness routine at the same time.

Here’s an easy level 1 exercise routine for beginners:

  1. Toe touches

  • Slowly fold forward with knees slightly bent and reach down toward your toes till you feel a stretch in the back of your legs

  • Hold for a 5 seconds to feel the stretch and slowly return to starting position

2. Standing trunk rotations

  • Begin with arms in a T and feet wider than hip width distance. In a fluid motion, rotate to one side and return back to centre to repeat towards the opposite direction.

  • When rotating to the right lift off the left heel as you pivot, when rotating to the left lift off the right heel as you pivot.

3. Follow this up with 20-30 minutes brisk walk

  • Brisk walk is defined as 5 kilometers per hour or 12 minutes per kilometer

  • As you walk, your chin should be up, your eyes looking straight, your back straight, and shoulders relaxed

  • Your hands should be at your sides at about 90 degrees. Close your palms gently and swing them front to back. They should be going out in front of you and behind you, not crossing.

Benefits of exercising at home

  • Home fits into all your requirements

  • You have everything personalised and customized

  • Home offers an environment where you can better concentrate

  • Home is the best place to achieve the workout you planned

  • Home offers the chance to exercise without ego

  • Exercising at home will motivate you to be regular, in turn exercising will help you improve your appetite, sleep and sex life

  • There are no time boundations apart from exercising 2 hours post your meal

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