Holistic Health Program
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Holistic Health Program

To work on weight reduction, vitamin deficiencies, low Hemoglobin, frequent allergies/ infections, and overall health for disease prevention

The most effective health program, with a triple combination approach:

  1. Personalized holistic nutrition
    and Ayurveda (Natural home remedies)
  2. Physiotherapy and Yoga
    to improve overall health & weight
  3. Medicine prescriptions &
    guidance under Senior Doctors
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Meet our experts

Dr Dolly Bagai

MBBS, Specialization in Family Medicine, Women’s Health. Renowned Family Physician, specialization from the prestigious GSVM Medical College, Kanpur.

37+ years experience

Dr Priyanka Paul

BAMS,PG (Diploma) in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics with Fellowship in Pulmonary Rehabilitationand Nutrition and Dietetics

10+ yrs experience

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Holistic Health Program

The 3 month program includes:
online consultation for COVID includes

24x7 analysis of vitals & symptoms and guidance

online consultation for COVID includes

24x7 unlimited queries and support on chat

online consultation for COVID includes

Personalized health plan (Diet & Exercise) based on your current routine with no restrictions/ fasting

online consultation for COVID includes

Consultation calls with experts:

  • DAY 1 - Detailed health assessment call (30-45 mins) for medical history

  • DAY 2 - App training call

  • DAY 7 - Progress review call with Clinical Nutritionist

  • DAY 21 - Physiotherapist call and exercise plan

  • Every 15 days - Clinical Nutritionist/ Physiotherapist call

  • Pre-scheduled Senior Doctor consultation call

online consultation for COVID includes

Stress/ anxiety management under leading Psychotherapy experts

online consultation for COVID includes

Live Yoga sessions and live webinars with MD / DM doctors

online consultation for COVID includes

Educational content – Meditation, Recipes, Educational videos, Blogs

online consultation for COVID includes

Savings on lab tests and medicines through trusted partners

Ideal for

online consultation for COVID includes

Patients with higher weight or obesity
We work with you to control weight as it can otherwise lead to insulin resistance which is the root cause of Diabetes, BP, Cholesterol disorders.

online consultation for COVID includes

Patients with vitamin deficiencies/ low Hemoglobin/ generalised pain or weakness
We work with you on root cause of your symptoms by fixing deficiencies through personalized nutrition and supplements.

online consultation for COVID includes

Patients with frequent allergies/ infections
Primary focus is on improving overall immunity of the body by deep nourishment to prevent recurring infections that can also lead to secondary complications.

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Excellent and exceptionally good. We both,I mean me and my wife feel exceptionally obliged by the care,guidance and monitoring of Zyla team. In fact they are more concerned about my health than me. We are indebted to you Zyla. Thanks

Prem Vaish

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