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Holistic Health Program For Expecting Mothers!

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The Ova Pentacare Pillars

Senior Gynecologist Advice

Pregnancy journey review & second opinion guidance on medical matters with our Senior Gynecologists

Nutrition Interventions

Teleconsultation with clinical nutritionists for guidance on pregnancy nutrition and its do’s and don’ts.

Prenatal Yoga Classes

Guidance by experienced physiotherapists and yoga experts on regular exercises, weight management, and breathing.

ANC (24x7 Chat Support)

Regular reminders on medical check-ups and 24x7 Chat support for any & every query that is on your mind.

Psychological and Emotional Support

Meditation and anxiety counseling for mental wellbeing and positive thinking during pregnancy.

Program starting @9900/ month

Program Flow

Analysis of current health status & maintaining a healthy BMI
Assessment of body scans & tests to rule out complications
Personalised nutrition & fitness plans to prepare for conception
1st Trimester
Guidance on diet, foods to eat & avoid & supportive supplements
Assessment of blood reports & medication requirements
Counselling on postures to avoid, dental hygiene & managing sickness symptoms
2nd Trimester
Assessment of scans, medication requirements & supportive supplements
Guidance on nutrition & pre-natal exercises/ yoga
Counselling on fetal movement & back pain management
3rd Trimester
Assessment of scans, regular monitoring of weight, waistline & BP
Guidance on nutrition, pre-natal exercises/ yoga & lamaze classes
Counselling on sleeping posture, labour preparation & emotion management
Post Delivery
Guidance on wound care, nutrition & supplements for recovery
Prevention & management of post delivery infections
Counselling on post partum depression, sleep management & baby vaccinations

See how Ova Pentacare Pregnancy program has changed lives

Zyla is good app responding quickly and giving valuable suggestions and take cares about our health.

Jyothi Killada

Very effective way of treating patients through app. It's really good. I got answers immediately through app chat. They take very good care of problems of the patients

Vigneswari S

What touched me the most was being a housewife not many people asked me how I was feeling on a daily basis, but Zyla did and that truly made me feel so special.

Kanika Jain

Meet our Experts

Dr. Sheetal Agarwal

MBBS, DNB, MNAMS - Gynecology and Obstetrics

24+ years of experience. DNB (Obstetrics & Gynaecology) from the prestigious Sir Gangaram hospital, New Delhi. Currently associated Apollo Spectra hospital, previous experience at Safdarjung Hospital, Batra Hospital, Apollo Cradle.

Dr. Dolly Bagai

MBBS, Specialization in Family Medicine, Women’s Health

37+ years experience. Renowned Family Physician practicing for over 3 decades in New Delhi, specialization from the prestigious GSVM Medical College, Kanpur.

Dr Priyanka Paul

BAMS, PG - Clinical Nutrition, Fellowship - Pulmonary Rehabilitation

10+ years of experience. BAMS, PG Diploma Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Fellowship in Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Nutrition and Dietetics.

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