Know your plan

Congratulations! Your Zycare plan is successfully activated.

Plan includes

Detailed Health Analysis

A 30 mins call with the nutritionist to understand patient's current routine, diet preferences, habits, weight etc

Customised “Health Plan”

A 100% detailed and personalised health plan with focus on diet, exercise, & stress management

Follow-ups with lifestyle experts

Pre-scheduled calls by the Zyla team to check adherence to the Health Plan & your prescription

24*7 Chat support

Ask queries and get instant solutions to them 24*7*365 days

Exclusive access to educational webinars

Educational webinars by your consulting doctor for better health management

Live yoga sessions

Yoga sessions under the guidance of an experienced trainer

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Zycare program different?

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What is the structure of the program?

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How will you treat me through an online program?

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What happens after the completion of my program?

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I am very busy with work, how will I manage the phone calls?

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Do you have a centre in my city?

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When will I get to speak with the Zycare team?

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I travel frequently, how will I keep up with your program?

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This program is for my father/ mother how will you manage them, they are not even comfortable in using the mobile app?

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