Learn about Sybrava


What is SYBRAVA® (Inclisiran)?

SYBRAVA® (Inclisiran) is a prescription medication for the treatment of elevated LDL-C levels in the blood.

When is SYBRAVA® (Inclisiran) prescribed?

Additional treatment options like SYBRAVA® (Inclisiran) are necessary if one’s cholesterol levels are still too high despite previous treatment or if one does not tolerate their previous therapy well.

How is SYBRAVA® (Inclisiran) administered?

SYBRAVA® (Inclisiran) is given as an injection under the skin (subcutaneous injection) in the abdomen by a doctor or nurse. Alternative injection sites are the upper arm or the thigh. The first and second injections are given at intervals of 3 months. All further injections are given every 6 months.