My Covid Story

They say, "Tough times dont last, tough people do". Times have certainly been tough but brave-hearts like you have turned the tables. Share your happy story to inspire many others to come out victorious too. Its a phase after all!






Amit Kumar Yadav

It's okay, if you get infected...

I realized about it with a little fever and body ache. It seemed normal at first but after 3 days of

Pragya Pal

In sickness and in health

Living in a household with my 70-year old grandmother, I was extremely anxious when I felt the early

Himanshu Agarwal

Be patient and drink water to win over Covid

The day I got the symptom I knew this can be COVID and immediately reached out to Zyla for a doctor


One with the surprise!

It all started with my father getting tested for COVID, and truly those were the most scary 10-15 da


You are not alone!

I had symptoms fever, cold and cough suddenly in afternoon. And I immediately isolated from the fami


All's well that ends well!

It started with a sudden high grade fever (103 degrees) on a what was otherwise a normal hectic work